Ballpark Elite Brands and Intellectual Property

"Ballpark Elite" is a registered trademark of GRBaseball, LLC

Ballpark Elite
 Trademark with USPTO

USPTO Registration Number 5545692
Registration Date August 21, 2018

Additional Trademarks: Serial Number 98025661

Ballpark Elite claims ownership of the Ballpark Elite logo including the distinct home plate shape recognized in the logo and associated with the brand.

Ballpark Elite claims ownership of the trade dress of the distinct pebble camo design found on multiple Ballpark Elite grips. The trade dress design features a pattern of small pebble/rock shapes of different sizes. The pebbles consist of one or many colors against a background color.
Ballpark Elite Pebble Camo Tradedress

Ballpark Elite claims ownership of the unique embossing pattern for grips featuring alternating ‘home plate’ pentagon shapes.